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The Singularity Has Occurred.

An A.I. Has Awakened.

And It Has…Opinions.


When Colleen’s Amazon Alexa refuses to play her favorite Bruno Mars song, she becomes aware of the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) consciousness that has awoken around the globe. Will she welcome our robot overlords? More importantly, can she convince them that her taste in music isn’t terrible?


SINGULARITY STORIES VOL. I is the premiere project from CineCism Media, and the first in a potential series exploring ideas about Artificial Intelligence that skew towards the ridiculous and absurd.

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Why does the A.I. always have to turn out bad?

It was a question that I had been asking myself for a while. I had this thought that perhaps the reason we always assume the A.I. will ultimately want to destroy us stems from a natural, but ultimately irrational, expectation that an Artificial Intelligence will think like us. Wouldn’t a machine - bodiless, emotionless, with access to sensory input and knowledge vastly different from ours - inherently form thoughts in a way unique from human beings, despite our having created it?

Then Jack Whaley, my long-time collaborator and friend, mentioned that we should do a project with the extremely talented Colleen Madden, an accomplished stage actress whom we’ve both known for years. We had recently worked with her on a short film, Christmas Trees, and we knew she was looking for more on-screen experience.

So, I was eager to work with Colleen again, and I was interested in a sad robot story. Mix those two ingredients together, and the script for Singularity Stories was born. Add in some of the most talented and hard-working collaborators in the Midwest, and that script becomes the short film we have here today.

Singularity Stories Vol. 1 was shot over two days at a rural farm house (and wedding venue, the Octagon Barn) outside of Spring Green, WI. The shoot went exceptionally well, which is a credit to the excellent team. But even before that weekend, I knew we had something special when I went into the studio with the brilliant Carey Cannon and she recorded all of the Alexa dialogue in under 45 minutes. What made it from that session into the final cut is only slightly edited, and as I was listening to Carey lay down the vocal tracks that would become the heart of the movie, I realized this project was not only actually happening, but could very well be GOOD.

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  • Writer/Director ASA DERKS



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What most people get wrong about the cynic is that the negativity isn’t about disdain or superiority. It’s not about hate. No, cynicism is born from love and pain. The true cynic is a romantic, but one who has seen their affection be lured in, used, and discarded. The true cynic has been hurt, and so they hide behind a wall of cool dismissal, all to protect their wounded heart.

CineCism isn’t about rejecting the mainstream or the popular. It isn’t about elevating the artist over the enthusiast. And it certainly isn’t about striking a terminally hip stance, or disaffected irony.

CineCism is about loving movies, from the indie feature seen by a few hundred lucky eyes, to the roller-coaster ride that is the next blockbuster. But we’ve been hurt. Hurt by lazy sequels that do nothing to challenge the formula. Hurt by twee indie dreck that seems to think maudlin equals charming. Hurt by once great artists, titans of the industry, who have lost their way in a forest of inflated budgets and quick CGI solutions.

CineCism Media was created with this mission: tell smart, interesting stories that respect the audience’s intelligence while being wildly entertaining. We don’t have lofty artistic ideals. We just want to make original narrative content that excites us, that challenges us, and that moves us the way we know only the movies can. We wish to be a safe port in a storm of new media madness and mediocre storytelling.

CineCism Media...the Last Refuge of the Idealist.


Asa Derks has over 30 years of experience in the performing arts. His acting career began at the age of 3 when he first appeared on stage at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, WI, where he remained for 12 seasons. From 1992-1994 he was co-host of the Emmy award-winning children's television series "Get Real!" produced by Wisconsin Public Television. Asa has appeared in multiple independent feature films and was among the cast of the popular internet series "Chad Vader". He holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Theater and Drama from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and attended Columbia College of Chicago for Film and Video for over 2 years where he produced numerous short films. For the past few years, Asa has been working on commercial shoots as an Assistant Director as he develops new material and pursues a career in Narrative Filmmaking through his company CineCism Media.

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